About Secure Registration

How does secure submission work?

When we say your data is being "submitted securely" we mean we're using SSL-encryption, an industry standard protocol for safely exchanging information. The important part here is that your information is encrypted so that only your computer and TheNet can see or understand it.

That's great, but what exactly is SSL-encryption?

That's a very good question. Our security team likes to describe how SSL-encryption secures your data using the following analogy:
Imagine you are passing a note from the back row of a full concert hall to your friend in the front row. You send it on its way and hope no one between you and your friend decides to open your note and read the message. This is very similar to the way most information travels on the Internet. Now imagine placing your note in a locked case, that only you and your friend have keys for, and passing this case to your friend. No one can open the case and read your note except you and your friend. SSL-encryption is the electronic equivalent of a locked case and only your computer and TheNet have the keys.

I still have questions and concerns about Security, who can help?

Security is a top priority at TheNet. We have a team of experts dedicated to securing all of our systems and information. If you have a specific question regarding WLAN and Security, drop us a note and we'll do our best to address your concerns and answer your questions.