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Our 40% EURO discount on all wlan@thenet products! CHF 1.54 instead of CHF 1.10 / EURO!!


Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 4 hours zone    3.25 EUR  
Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 24 hours zone    6.50 EUR  
Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 7 days zone    13.00 EUR  
Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 30 days
AlpineHotSpot    18.00 EUR zone    39.00 EUR  
Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 90 days
AlpineHotSpot (CHF 24,-/30 days)   48.00 EUR zone (CHF 49,-/30 days)   95.00 EUR  
Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 180 days
AlpineHotSpot (CHF 21,-/30 days)   84.00 EUR  
CityHotspot (CHF 31,-/30 days)   124.00 EUR zone (CHF 39,-/30 days)   156.00 EUR  
Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 1 year
AlpineHotSpot (CHF 16,-/30 days)   128.00 EUR  
CityHotspot (CHF 19,-/30 days)   152.00 EUR zone (CHF 29,-/30 days)   232.00 EUR  
Flat-Rate Prepaid Card for 2 years
AlpineHotSpot (CHF 13,-/30 days)   208.00 EUR  
CityHotspot (CHF 17,-/30 days)   272.00 EUR zone (CHF 26,-/30 days)   416.00 EUR  
Metered Prepaid Card - 750 minutes zone    17.00 EUR  

Types of Cards

Type of card
Type of HotSpot Network name
Metro zone City HotSpot wlan@thenet Bern (without certain Premium Locations), Zürich
Metro zone Alpine HotSpot
wlan@thenet Anzère, Grächen, Krattigen, Lausanne, Leysin zone  

and others

Premium Locations
Partner Locations
All networks of TheNet

The length of a session is only limited by the purchased amount of time. The validity of the prepaid card starts with the first login and finishes as soon as the purchased amount of time is used up.

This prepaid card has a minimum session lenght of 10 minutes. The accounting is done in units of 5 minutes. The purchased amount of time is only accounted as long as you are logged in.

Online Payment Process

Please select the product you would like to buy adding them to your "shopping cart".

When you are ready to proceed press "Secure Checkout" button and follow the instructions. After your payment is confirmed press "Continue" and you will get your user names and passwords.

Please note them down or enter your email address and click on "Send" in order to get your credentials by email. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the security when sending the credentials by email. Then, in order to login, please insert the username and password in the fields shown in the Login section and click on login.

Please note: It is important to not interrupt the process after the payment confirmation otherwise your credentials will not be shown.

Problems with your PayPal payment? In case you find problems using the PayPal payment system please send us an email ( or use the Feedback-Formular over the web (No need to be logged in or registered).